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Monday, May 24, 2010

RBS Selection Process - Technical Interview


One of my friend gone through the RBS selection process. He qualified  all the rounds and Joined the RBS Gurgaon.

Let me guide you step by step selection process of RBS. Please note that this process can differ at different centers and also for different positions.

These rounds were taken for the Software Developer/Designer and the technology was C# and SQL Server.

Round 1: RBS Online Test Round

This first round of RBS Selection process and you need to give this round at any nearby reliance  center or RBS Center.

This will be around 2 hour test of C# and SQL Server. Total number of questions will be around 56. These questions will contains multiple choice questions and maximum 3 options can be true.

This is IKM test and every question have different marks.


Round 2: RBS Telephonic Interview Round

This is second round of RBS Selection process and In this interview they can ask basic questions of C# and SQL server like:

What is satellite assembly
how will you create strong name
They can give any problem and ask for solution in C#

Round 3: RBS Written test

This round can have some problems and you need to write a algorithms/Diagram codes / C# codes for these problems.

Round 4: RBS Technical Interview

This round is pure technical round and they can ask design patterns , implementations , real time problems solving of C# and SQL Server like

design a chess program using design pattern

Same kind of multiple rounds can be there until they are not satisfied with you.

So get ready for a challenging interview and clear your concepts.

Best of luck.

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