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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kaplan Technical Interview Questions - ASP.NET – C#


I have gone through the first round of telephonic interview of Kaplan, Delhi. Here is few questions asked during interview.

Kaplan Technical Interview Questions - ASP.NET – C#

Technology: .NET

Experience: 5+ years

Location: Delhi

Ques: What is difference between http module and http handler?

Ques: how url rewriting works ?

Ques: what is difference between asp.net 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010 ?

Ques: diff between sql server 2000 and 2005 ?

Ques: abstract classes and interface ?

Ques: why cant we drive a class from interface ?

Ques: Session types ?

Ques: What is view state ?

Ques: What is form based authentication?

Ques: What is passport authentication and how it works?

Ques: What is cookie less session?

Ques: why we use cursor?

Headstrong Interview Process for Freshers


One of my friend appeared in Headstrong interview for fresher's.

Headstrong Interview Process for Freshers

Round 1: Written test

This round have written test and if you clear this round only then can appear in next round of interview. This round include 50% c questions and 50% non technical questions like quantities and  reasoning.

Round 2: One to One Technical Round 

This round have face to face technical round and can ask subject like C, C++, java and data structures, OS etc.

Round 3: HR Interview:

you will be asked HR round of questions in this round . Once you clear this round will be awarded with a offer.

HCL Technologies Selection Process - Campus Placement - Fresher's


HCL Selection Process - Campus Placement

One of my friend gone through the selection process of HCL technologies in campus placement. It is very easy break interview during campus placement.

This is normal process followed by hcl tech:

Round 1: Written objective test

The written test consists of 60 questions which are divided into 4 sections .The total duration of the test is 90 minutes. There is negative marking .

include some c questions, oops concepts, OS, data structures, networking, computer organization etc.

Round 2: Technical face to face round:

This is pure technical round and they are going to ask most of the basic c questions or java questions.

Round 3: Technical Round (optional):

After round 2 you can again face another round of technical interview if required .

Round 4: HR Round:

This Round have basic HR questions and you will be offered a offer letter if successful.

Pitney Bowes (MapInfo) interview process, Noida


One of my friend gone through the interview process and here is experience of his interview process.

Post: SSE

Technology: .NET

Experience: 5+ years

Location: Noida

Round 1 – Pure Technical – Tuff Round:

This is the toughest round and you will get lot of basic questions with different angles and includes inheritance, delegates, ref, out parameters sql , oops concepts.

example: what is difference between ref obj and obj passing in function.

Round 2 – Technical Round

This is also pure technical round and you will get lot of technical questions from your area.

Example: write a program to merge and sort two arrays.

Round 3: HR Interview

This involve basic hr questions and salary negotiation.

example: why you want to leave current company?

Global Logic interview process - Experience


One of my friend gone through the interview process of global logic in noida. Here is summary of interview held in global logic.

Global logic is good company to work for and provide number of facilities along with flexible timing. Once you complete your work can go home without any problem.

Quality of work is very good, basically global logic work for product companies.

The below rounds are for 5+ years experience and can vary as per experience.

Round 1: Basic technical interview:

This is first round of technical interview and they will check you basic technical knowledge in different Areas.

for example : what is normalization?

Round 2: Advance Technical round:

This is somewhat tuff round and they will ask somewhat uncommon questions.

for example : what is friend assembly?

Round 3: Managerial Round:

This round can contain pure HR questions or pure technical questions or mix of both, so be ready for this round.

example : what is result of string str = “my name” + null;

Round 4: Director Round:

This round is there to give you a brief about your roles and responsibilities and project details.

After this there can be a normal client interview and then you will get a offer.

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