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Thursday, May 6, 2010

RBS .NET - C# Interview Questions 2010


Q. What is difference between string and stringbuilder?
A. string is for simple string operations while stringbuilder is used to perform high manipulation string operation, in this case it is more efficient.

Q. Now suppose i want to add a functionality to append a string in existing string using string builder, How will you modify/update stringbuilder class?
A. Find it out.

Q.suppose you are running a single program, how many instance of Garbage collector and CLR will run?
A. one.

Q. Suppose i am running multiple  programs how many instance of Garbage collector and CLR will run?
A. multiple instances of CLR and Garbage collector will run.

Q. Write a program to check factorial number?
A. Created

Q.is it possible to run factorial checker program in multithreaded environment, is there any benefit of doing factorial checking in multithreaded environment, how will you implement factorial number checking program in multithreaded environment?

A. We need to add multithreaded capability in factorial program if there is a need to calculate factorial for very large number.

in case of very large number the calculations will be very much and it will maximize the use of processor and program will be un-responding while in multithreaded environment calculations will run in separate thread and user can perform other actions.

you can check more details at:

Q. What is static polymorphism?
A. Overloading is static polymorphism while dynamic polymorphism is overriding.

Q. They given me a C# program and asking for output?

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