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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bechtel India Interview Questions and Interview Process for .NET

Required Position: SSEBechtel India

Required Technology: .NET, SQL, Windows Forms, OOPS


Bechtel is one of the top construction company and also located in gurgaon. One of my friend gone through the interview process of Bechtel India. He has gone through the following rounds of Bechtel.

1. Telephonic Discussion: The first round was telephonic discussion. The interviewer was matching the requirement with the candidate knowledge and experience.  The interviewer asked basic .NET questions, which includes questions from .NET architecture, web services, OOPS and SQL.

Sample Questions: Can we have two static constructor in a  class, Write a query to find duplicate records in a table. etc.

2. Personal Technical Discussion: This round held in Bechtel India office and they took 1.5 hours of interview. The interview was pure technical round and they asked questions from .NET, ASP.NET, C#, SQL, Web Services etc.

Example: How to call user control page event from parent page and vice versa.

3. Managerial Round: This was pure managerial round. The manager was trying to understand your understanding about company rolls and responsibilities. Then told about company , work process, growth plans etc.

4. Technology Head Round: This round was with the Bechtel technology head of gurgaon office and he asked few question like why you looking for change , what is your expectation etc.


Bechtel is construction company, they have internal websites and software products to help their construction business.  Company maintain ethical relationship and provide a good growth path. Bechtel have 8.5 hours of working and if you work any extra hours, will get paid.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 people Cross the Bridge with a Flash Light - Technical Interview Puzzle


Puzzle description: There is 4 people and they have to cross a bridge. Person 1 takes 1 min to cross the bridge, Person 2 takes 2 min, Person 3 takes 5 min and person 4 takes 10 min to cross the bridge. They have 1 flashlight and need to cross a bridge in the minimum amount of time. at a time max two persons can move on the bridge?

4 people Cross the Bridge with a Flash Light - Technical Interview Puzzle

Puzzle Solution:

Person 1 + Person 2 cross the bridge = 2 min

Person 1 returns = 1 min

person 3 + person 4 cross the bridge = 10 min

person 2 returns =  2 min

person 1 + person 2 cross the bridge  = 2 min

Total Time taken = 2 + 1 + 10 + 2 + 2  = 17 min

Picture Source: goo.gl/WHApi

Samsung India Technical Interview Procedure

Samsung India Technical Interview Procedure


Samsung Requirement: 3+ years
Position: Sr. Software Engineer/Project Lead
Location: Noida
Technology:  ASP.net, SQL Server, Web Services

One of my friend gone through the Samsung Noida Interview process. This requirement was for .NET technology and for their internal web application development. Samsung have their online application team which provide enhancement and new development. Samsung have good infrastructure in noida office and provide flat 25% discount on Samsung product to their employees. Also Samsung offers sort term visits to Korea and other countries. My friend gone through the following rounds.

1. One to One Technical Interview:
This was the pure technical round and held in Samsung noida office. They asked about web services, C#, OOPS concepts, design patterns, ASP.NET functioning.

There was some design problems also like design a system where every country database is present separate country also there is different websites for different countries. you have to design a system which can communicate to each other and use the data. Also how will you manage session in this distributed environment.

2. HR Round:
The HR person will tell you the requirement an offered position, job responsibilities etc. Salary negotiation will come in to picture.

As per my understanding Samsung is good pay master, so you can give a try.

My Experience with RMSI Noida Technical Interview Process

My Experience with RMSI Noida Technical Interview Process

RMSI Requirement: 4-6 years
Position: Sr. Software Engineer
Location: Noida
Technology:  ASP.net,WPF,WCF professionals

I have gone through the RMSI interview process for .NET requirement. This requirement was for SSE and for Noida location. I have gone through the 3 rounds of interview and it was good experience.

1. Telephonic Technical Discussion:
This was first round and done on phone. basically they asked about my qualification work experience and then for a brief technical discussion. The technical discussion involve regarding design patterns, WCF and web services.

2. Face 2 Face .Net Technical Round:
This round held in RMSI noida office and they asked questions regarding  WCF, XML, SOAP, Web Services etc. This round was totally based on C#, ASP.NET and had a long discussion on problem solving and design patterns. Clear you OOPS concepts for this round.

3. Managerial/HR Round:
This was managerial cum HR round. Project manager told me about requirement and position and work culture then we went for salary negation.

RMSI deals in geospatial and information technology, so if you like to work on satellite images, GIS etc, its good company for you.


Official Website: http://www.rmsi.com

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rsystems Technical Interview Process


Rsystem Technical Interview Process

Interview Technology: C#, ASP.NET, SQL
Interview for Position: SSE/Tech Lead
Years of Experience: 5+ years

One of my colleague gone through the interview process of Rsystems. He is having 5 years of experience. There was three rounds of interview.

1. First Technical Round:
This was basic technical round and for checking the basic .net knowledge of candidate. They asked questions from every area of .net like
ASP.NET working process
Events and Delegates in C#
Generics in C#
SQL procedures and functions

2. Second round of technical interview:
This was advance technical round and interviewer were checking the hands on knowledge. like
write a code for delegates
how to implement multicast delegates
benefits of generics
how WCF works

3. Final HR Round:
This was a final HR round and HR person asked questions like
why you are looking for change
salary negation etc.

If you have basic knowledge you can clear the Rsystems interview. All the best.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clickable Technical Interview Questions

Clickable Technical Interview Questions

One of my colleague gone though the clickable interview process. He gone through two rounds of telephonic technical discussion. Clickable is PPC solution company and provide tools to easily manage PPC campaign.

Clickable First Round of Technical Discussion:

1. What is difference between finally and finalize?

2. What is garbage collector and how it works?

3. How to do in order traversal in binary tree. How to find a given cost while tree traversal , the cost will be measure on root to leaf node?

4. There is 100 coins in table you have 20 t and 80 heads. divide in two groups so that number of tells should be same?

Clickable Second Round of Technical Discussion:

1.What is architecture of you project?

2. What design patterns you used in you project tell me facade and singleton , factory use in your project  ?

3. You have a string you need to replace a given char 'a' with the h x occurrence. Write a logic. When you will use string builder what is difference?

for example for first ‘a’ replace with h

second a replace with hh

third a replace with hhh

4. You have an array find out the sequence to find the maximum running sum.

like -1,2,4,1,-3,2,-4,4 have 7 max sum for (2,4,1)

Ciena India .NET interview Questions


Ciena India .NET interview Questions

Here is few questions from Ciena India interview process for .NET requirement. This interview was conducted for 5+ years of requirement.

Telephonic Interview Questions:

  • Tell me something about you education background, work experience and technology used?
  • For what projects you used for wcf?
  • What features you used in 2.0?
  • What features you used in wcf?
  • What is your roles and responsibilities?
  • You do low level design or high level design, how to do low level design?
  • What is difference between product and project life cycle?
  • How many project you have done?
  • What is your responsibilities as a lead and what role you looking for?
  • Are you ready with some kind of support role?

Telephonic Technical Interview Questions:

This round was pure technical round and they asked questions like:

1. What is Web service? How to create it. What are the limitations of web services.

2. How to overload a web service method?

3. Can we have static and simple constructor in same class? Which one is first called?

Face 2 Face Technical Interview Questions:

1. What are advantages of string over string builder?

2. Why we use finalize and dispose?

3. What if we make a same interface as idisposable and use dispose method?

4. how string builder work internally?

5. How many Types of lock in threading?

6. What are mutex objects ?

7. What are multicast delegates?

8. What is difference between value type and ref type

Ciena India Technical Interview Process


One of my friend gone through the interview process of Ciena India located in Gurgaon. Ciena works in telecom and cable networks and have development team of approximate 500 employees in India. Apart from compensation they provide cab facility. Ciena office is good and basically have in-house projects.

my friend was having 5 years of experience in .NET. He has gone through the following rounds:

1. Telephonic Discussion: The first round was telephonic discussion and they asked basic .net questions with deep knowledge. like oops concept with static modifier.

2. Face to Face Technical Round: It was at Ciena office and one technical panel took the interview. The technical panel was having 2 members. They asked about remoting, web services, oops concepts, memory management etc.

3. Managerial Round: This round was conducted by project manager and asked some project based questions and oops concepts.

4. HR Round: This was just a formality and salary negation done in this round.

Prepare well with basics and you will clear the interview. All the best.

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