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Thursday, May 27, 2010

C# - Oracle Face to Face Interview Questions Max Bupa Round 2


Here is the Max bupa round 2 interview questions. 

Question. Rate yourself in oracle and C# ?

Answer. C# –7

Oracle -6

Question.  how will you rectify the problem if grid is taking more time when data increases ?


1. use paging because binding takes more time

2. optimize database procedure bu indexing and removing loops

3. use custome paging

4. use xml or session to store temporary date for page.

Question. A class is inherited from two interfaces and a abstract class, how will you define a abc function which is common in class and interfaces?

calss xyz: I1, I2, absclass





how will you access these methods from a object


by using objectname.I1.abc()

Question. there is a table called t1, which contains

doc_name doc_stage       date
doc1      initialize     12-may-2010
doc2      initialize     13-may-2010
doc1      finalize       14-may-2010

write a query to get last stage of all the documents ?

Answer.  use group by function and sort by date in reverse order.

Question. how will you return a array as output from a procedure and receive in C#

Answer. find out.

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