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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BrickRed Technologies Interview Process


One of my friend gone through the BrickRed technologies, Noida selection process, So i decided to write a post to help the candidates.

BrickRed is multinational company basically target in services. Located in multiple companies.

BrickRed conduct 4 rounds to select a candidate.

Round 1: Online Test Round

This is toughest round of selection process where you need to answer 30 analytical questions in 30 minutes and 30 technical questions in 30 minutes. the URL of tests are:

 Analytical Ability- Test- Duration 30 Minutes

URL- www.merittrac.com/onlinetest5.0

Technical Ability Test- Duration 30 Minutes

URL- http://certification.icalibrator.com

The technical test can contain the

a.         Asynchronous processing, multithreading, GC

b.         Database - joins, stored procedures, indexes, locking

c.          Database optimization and profiling

d.         Debugging and performance profiling

e.         Exception handling and logging

f.          .NET concepts ( delegate, value types, generics)


Round 2: Pure Technical Round

BrickRed round 2 is pure technical round and you will be asked questions from every area, you worked on, also it depends on the project also.


Round 3: Engineering Manager Round

This is engineering manager round conducted by project manager, he will ask about project level details can give some task to design also.


Round 4: HR and Negotiation round

This round is formality and just for salary negotiation purpose. Once this round done you will be offered a decent package.


Enjoy the new job, Congrats.


BrickRed Official site: www.brickred.com

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