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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Latest RBS Interview Questions – Face to Face Round

Question 1. What technologies you worked for?
Answer. C#, VB, Oracle , SQL Server , ASP.NET, JavaScript

Question 2. Lets start with C#, What is modularization?
Answer. Modularization is dividing functionality into different small modules, so that we can reuse the functionality and make it simple to use.

Question 2. Any other use of modularization and Layered application?
Answer. We can add layer to keep different group of functionalities different. and changing one layer does not effect others.

Question 3. Where does the object and its internal variable int i and string s store, in heap or in stack.
Answer. i think int goes to stack

Question 4. What is garbage collector?
Answer. it used to release the memory. and run in  non deterministic manner.

Question 5. Can we run Garbage collector manually and its recommended?
Answer. Yes we can by gc.collect(), it is not recommended.

Question 6. What is overloading and overriding?
Answer. overriding is having same method in base and drive class and deciding at runtime which one to call.

Question 7. What is difference between the runtime polymorphism and overriding.
Answer. both are same.

Question 2. Difference between string builder and string?
Answer. string builder is mutable and string immutable.

Question 2. can we pass object with ref parameter like fun(ref Obj)?

Question 2.  what is difference between fun(obj) and fun(ref obj)?
Answer. by passing obj we are directly passing object while using ref it passes the address of object.

Question 2. if we have two function abc(int a, int b) and abc(int a, int b, int c) in base class and we derive it in drive class and implement it. in drive class it is overloading or overriding?
Answer. both overloading and overriding.

Question 2. can we have multiple try blocks, can we have multiple catch blocks, can we have multiple finally blocks?
Answer. multiple try yes separate blocks, multiple catch -yes, multiple finally - no

Question 2. What is cluster index and noncluster index ?
Answer. cluster index is physical sorting on table while non cluster index is logical sorting on table.

Question 2. we have a query,
select a, b from table1
where a=a1 and b=b1 and c= c1

on what column will you define the index?
Answer. a, b

Question 2. we have a table empl
emp_id, salary, division

get the employee list whose salary is greater than the average salary of their division?


Question 2. there is two tables
emp_id, salary, division_id - emp table
division_id , div_name - div table

get the maximum salary if every division?


Question 2. What patterns you used in C# code?
Answer. Singleton, facade

Question 2. Write a code to implement a singleton pattern?

Question 2. write a code to check balance brackets in a string? ((()))

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