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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MaxBupa Health Insurance IT Selection Process in India


Max Bupa Health Insurance is a joint venture of Max hospital and Insurance company Bupa. MaxBupa have a IT division of 40 employees and planning to extend to 100+ employees.  

One of my friend gone through the selection process of Maxbupa, Let me share details with you.

Interview round 1: Technical Round

The first round is pure technical round and the interviewer will ask questions from C# and SQL. Maxbupa is maintaining and developing their own product so interview is more incline towards the SQL.


Interview Round 2: Product Manager Round

This round involve the project level details like design of SQL. So ready for design patterns and other models of your current project.


Interview Round 3: HR Round

This is last and formal round and they will negotiate salary with you.


Congrats you have done it.


Official MaxBupa site is: www.maxbupa.com

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