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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

B1 Visa Interview Questions | USA Visa Questions


B1 visa interview is a short session and just they want to verify that are you coming back to your country after completing the project or not. It more depend on your details and keep ready all your proofs and answers ready.

here is some questions from B1 visa interview.

Ques: Why you want to go to USA?
Ans: Describe your project and client name and tell them why you need to go there.

Ques: What is your Designation?
Ans: specify your designation

Ques: What is your salary?
Ans: Specify annual package. Keep ready your offer letter and salary slip.

Ques: How long are you working with this company?
Ans: Specify total number of years spend in current company.

Ques: What is your total experience?
Ans: Specify your total experience.

Ques: What is your bank balance?
Ans: They ask this question because they want to know that how will you service in case of emergency. Keep ready bank statement for proof.

Ques: Where you going to stay?
Ans: Before facing the interview, just remember address and all other details.

Ques: Tell me about you current company?
Ans: They want to verify the genuine of current company.

Ques: Please tell me something about your project?
Ans: Want to verify about your knowledge for current project.

Ques: How long you going to stay in USA?
Ans: Tell them exact duration what you have filled in form as well as keep ready the offer letter for proof.

Ques: Are you marriage?
Ans: This questions they are asking that you will come back after completion of project or not. give them proper reason that why you will come back to your country.

Ques: Are you going to stay in USA?
Ans: No

Ques: What is your role there at B1 visa?
Ans: Knowledge transfer, understanding the business, attending meetings.

Ques: How will you survive there in USA?
Ans: tell them that you are going to get stipend there.

Ques: Is your any relative there in USA?
Ans: Answer as per your status.

All the best :)

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