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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Max Bupa .NET - C# - Oracle Interview Questions Round 1

One of my friend gone through the max bupa technical interview for .net requirement for software engineer post.

here is some questions from the same interview.

Question. Tell me something about you ?


Question. rate your self in C# and oracle ?

Answer. C# –8 Oracle - 8

Question. Define a constant at package level in oracle

Answer.  temp constant number := 12;

Question. how will you access this?

Answer. by using the variable name.

Question. will this constant have same values for same transaction?

Answer. yes

Question. How will you implement transaction in C# ?

Answer. begin trans, end trans

Question. Suppose you have these lines of code:


oracle statement 1


oracle statement 2


oraclestatement 3

comittrans; // error

end trans


rollback trans

now in rollbacktrans which whole transaction will rollback or just last committed trans. ?

Answer.  the transaction will rollback till oracle statement 2

Question. what is cluster index, what is not cluster index ?

Answer. cluster index created on primary key while non cluster index is created on non primary key and it is logical index.

Question. how will you define the cluster index ?

Answer. create clusterindex on table(column1, column2)

Question. when you create a table with primary key a cluster index already created. so what is use of this command?

Answer. suppose while defining table there is no primary key in that case we can use this command.

Question. how to define function in oracle and call ?

Answer.  check it by your self.

Question. what is difference between function and procedure?


1. function returns one value while procedure can return multiple.

2. function can be used with select statement while procedure can not.

3. there is some operation we can not do with functions

Question. suppose a table student have following details

id marks1 marks2

write a query to display id and grade of student as follows

1. when sum of marks1 and marks2 is greater than 60 display grade A

2. when sum of marks1 and marks2 is less than 60 and greater than 40 display grade B

3. when sum of marks1 and marks2 is less than 40 display grade C


select case when marks1 + marks2 > 60 then


when marks1 + marks2 > 40 then





from student ;

Question. What are the event datagird supports and how will you access the values of cell.

Answer. Check msdn.

Question. How to change the color of rows in datagrid?

Answer. use initialise row event

Question. how define a connection and open in oracle ?

Answer. check msdn.

Question. how to use pooling

Answer define pooling=true  in connection string

Question. how do you know that connection is already open and it have to pick from pool?

Answer. system detect automatically.

Question. write how to pass the parameters in oracle procedure.


oda.SelectCommand = ocmd; 

oda.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add("my_column",   Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleDbType.Int32,15).Value=2;

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