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Friday, May 14, 2010

Orange Business Interview Questions - .NET


Last week one of my friend gone through interview process of orange business Gurgaon. I am posting some interview questions to help you guys.

Oracle business is a multinational company dealing with telecom and communication sectors. They just open a new center in Gurgaon.

There were two rounds one technical round and another is HR.

Basically this interview was for crystal report developer with .net and oracle.

In case of any questions, Please commend here.


Crystal report questions:

Q. What is crystal reports?
A. It is a third party tool used with .net to create a complex reports.

Q. What version of crystal report are you using?
A. Crystal report 11

Q. What is subreports?
A. We can add reports inside main report that is sub report.

Q. How to pass parameters in subreport?
A. Find out

Q. How to do calculations in Crystal reports.
A. using formula fields

Q. Can we calculate total and subtotals in crystal reports, how?
A. Yes, by using formula fields for total and subtotals.


Oracle Interview Questions:

Q. What are joins?
A. To get corresponding data from two table we use join.

Q. can we run windows application from oracle, how?
A. Yes, Find out.

Q. How to improve performance of oracle procedure?
A. Reducing loops, global tables , minimize the inserts and updates.

Q. Difference between function and procedures?
A. function can return one value only and procure can return multiples using cursors.


C# Interview Questions:

Q. How to avoid deadlock in multithreaded environment?
A. using lock and monitor

Q. How to improve performance of grid?
A. using paging and JavaScript operations, bind only once because bind takes much time.

Q. suppose accessing a procedure though a error, at what what layer you will handle this exception.
A. Data access layer


To know more about Orange business, Please visit the site:

Oracle Business Official Site

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