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Saturday, May 29, 2010

.NET Interview Questions - Analec


One of my friend gone through the Analec infotech selection process for .NET. He applied for Software engineer.

There were total two rounds.


Round 1- PC Test for .NET

there first round was PC Test and they asked to make a complete program to:

1. Create a Screen  for Name and address along with state as per below

Record – dropdown list coming from database, on the selection change of this field values should refresh in other controls of the form. also this field should have a value “new”. when user click on new it should clear all other fields.

Name : text field

Address1: test field

Address 2: text field

Address 3: text field

State: Dropdownlist have to store stateid in database.

2. this form should have two buttons Add and Remove on click it should add values to database and on click of Remove it should remove the values from database.

This was one hour test and was not much tough.


Round 2: Face to face interview

they asked the following .net questions:

Question 1: Tell me some thing bout you?


Question 1:  Have you worked on WCF and WPF?

Answer:  Yes.

Question 1: What is difference between UDF and  stored procedure?

Answer:  User defined functions are used for small operation it returns only one value while stored procedure can return multiple.

UDF can be used with select statement.

Question 1: what is polymorphism?

Answer:  polymorphism are two types one is static and another is dynamic.

Question 1: what is override and overloading?

Answer: overriding means we can have two functions of same name in base and child class. while overloading is have same name functions with different signatures.

Question 1: what is Assembly?

Answer: it is kind of executable file contains all data in coded format.

Question 1: What type of assemblies are their?

Answer: private and public assemblies

Question 1: what is physical location of GAC?

Answer: c:\winnt\assembly or c:\windows\assembly






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