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Monday, May 31, 2010

MakeMyTrip.com .NET Interview Questions | Written Test | Analytical Test | F2F Interview


This question set contains the written test questions and analytical test and Face to Face interview questions.

This interview was held in may 2010 at MakeMyTrip.com. I don't think they give very good salary but you can negotiate with them.

Written test – Fully objective type .NET

This round was fully objective and contains almost 30 objective type of questions in 20 minutes.

Question 1.  Session objects are accessible in?

1. web forms

2. web Farms

3. both

4. none

Answer.  web forms – check once

Question 2. application objects are accessible in?

1. web forms

2. web Farms

3. both

4. none

Answer.  1. web forms

Question 3.  give me three differences between unique key and primary key?

Answer.  1. Primary key is only one in table while unique key can be multiple

2. unique key can be null

3. cluster index create on primary key while non cluster index can be created on non cluster index.

Question 4. which control have the paging?

1. dataset

2. datareader

3. none

4. all

Answer. find out

Question 5. by default security setting in .net?

Answer. anonymous access

Question 6. which file contains  the configuration settings for URI to access in web services?

Answer. .disco (check it once)

like this there were around 30 questions, most of them asp.net questions were there.


Analytics / Aptitude test

this test was totally analytical and contains 40 questions in 30 minutes. you need to have pen and paper with you while attending the test.

you need to give test on http://www.merittrac.com site.

Question 1.  questions like 5 guys are sitting in a round table now A is sitting left to B , C is sitting next to D and then you have to answer some questions.

Question 2.  A English paragraph was given and you need to answer the some questions by reading those questions.

Question 3. 4 figures was given and you need to find the next figure in sequence.

Question 5. The numeric values of a name was given and you need to find the numeric values for the another name.

Question 6. A numeric expression like 3/23*2+44-2 was given and if + is replaced by *, - is replaced by /, /is replaced by + and * is replaced by – what will be the value. around 6-7 questions of this kind.

Question 7. A conclusion was given and statement 1 and statement 2 was given , you need to choose the options on the basis of these

1. Statement 1 is true

2. statement 2 is true

3. statement 1 and statement 2 is true

4. none

Face to Face Technical Round:

this was third round and face to face.

Question 1. Rate yourself in C#, ASP.net, SQL, JavaScript


C# - 8


SQL - 8

Javascript - 8

Question 2. Lets start with ASP.NET, I have a datagrid/Gridview can i have a dropdown inside a  column and binding to different dataset? How

Answer. Yes, keep dropdown in template column

Question 3. How will you fill a dropdown from another dataset and grid from another dataset.

Answer.  First fill the grid with dataset and then datagrid.columns.findcontrol[“dropdown”] find dropdown and add another dataset to it.

Question 4.  How will you add increasing number (index numbers of rows) in datagrid without bringing it from database.

Answer. one method is to add on rowdatabound. find another

Question 5. Suppose there is two button in a datagrid  column. how will you identify which button is clicked?

Answer. by using commadname and commandargument.

Question 6. what is difference between unique key and primary key?

Answer.  primary key can create cluster index on it. while on unique key we can create non cluster index.

unique key can have null value

primary key is only one in table while unique key can be many.

Question 7. how many nulls unique key can have?

Answer. only one

Question 8. can we define unique key on combination of keys?

Answer. yes

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