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Monday, May 31, 2010

MakeMyTrip.com .NET Interview Questions | Written Test | Analytical Test | F2F Interview


This question set contains the written test questions and analytical test and Face to Face interview questions.

This interview was held in may 2010 at MakeMyTrip.com. I don't think they give very good salary but you can negotiate with them.

Written test – Fully objective type .NET

This round was fully objective and contains almost 30 objective type of questions in 20 minutes.

Question 1.  Session objects are accessible in?

1. web forms

2. web Farms

3. both

4. none

Answer.  web forms – check once

Question 2. application objects are accessible in?

1. web forms

2. web Farms

3. both

4. none

Answer.  1. web forms

Question 3.  give me three differences between unique key and primary key?

Answer.  1. Primary key is only one in table while unique key can be multiple

2. unique key can be null

3. cluster index create on primary key while non cluster index can be created on non cluster index.

Question 4. which control have the paging?

1. dataset

2. datareader

3. none

4. all

Answer. find out

Question 5. by default security setting in .net?

Answer. anonymous access

Question 6. which file contains  the configuration settings for URI to access in web services?

Answer. .disco (check it once)

like this there were around 30 questions, most of them asp.net questions were there.


Analytics / Aptitude test

this test was totally analytical and contains 40 questions in 30 minutes. you need to have pen and paper with you while attending the test.

you need to give test on http://www.merittrac.com site.

Question 1.  questions like 5 guys are sitting in a round table now A is sitting left to B , C is sitting next to D and then you have to answer some questions.

Question 2.  A English paragraph was given and you need to answer the some questions by reading those questions.

Question 3. 4 figures was given and you need to find the next figure in sequence.

Question 5. The numeric values of a name was given and you need to find the numeric values for the another name.

Question 6. A numeric expression like 3/23*2+44-2 was given and if + is replaced by *, - is replaced by /, /is replaced by + and * is replaced by – what will be the value. around 6-7 questions of this kind.

Question 7. A conclusion was given and statement 1 and statement 2 was given , you need to choose the options on the basis of these

1. Statement 1 is true

2. statement 2 is true

3. statement 1 and statement 2 is true

4. none

Face to Face Technical Round:

this was third round and face to face.

Question 1. Rate yourself in C#, ASP.net, SQL, JavaScript


C# - 8


SQL - 8

Javascript - 8

Question 2. Lets start with ASP.NET, I have a datagrid/Gridview can i have a dropdown inside a  column and binding to different dataset? How

Answer. Yes, keep dropdown in template column

Question 3. How will you fill a dropdown from another dataset and grid from another dataset.

Answer.  First fill the grid with dataset and then datagrid.columns.findcontrol[“dropdown”] find dropdown and add another dataset to it.

Question 4.  How will you add increasing number (index numbers of rows) in datagrid without bringing it from database.

Answer. one method is to add on rowdatabound. find another

Question 5. Suppose there is two button in a datagrid  column. how will you identify which button is clicked?

Answer. by using commadname and commandargument.

Question 6. what is difference between unique key and primary key?

Answer.  primary key can create cluster index on it. while on unique key we can create non cluster index.

unique key can have null value

primary key is only one in table while unique key can be many.

Question 7. how many nulls unique key can have?

Answer. only one

Question 8. can we define unique key on combination of keys?

Answer. yes

Saturday, May 29, 2010

MakeMyTrip.com Selection Process - Technical


One of my friend gone through the technical selection process of MakeMyTrip.com. he has gone through the five rounds of it. here is the list of those rounds:

Round 1: Written Test Objective Type

this the the first round of MakeMyTrip.com and they asked detailed questions in this round. you need to clear this round before appearing in next round. for .net they have 30 questions to do in 20 minutes.


Round 2: Online Analytical Test

this is second round of MakeMyTrip.com and this is a PC test containing analytical and aptitude questions.

These questions you need to give on http://www.merittrac.com site. total number of questions were 40 and you have to do in 30 minutes.


Round 3: Face to Face interview

Once you clear the round 2, you will go through the face to face interview and they will ask deep practical questions.


Round 4: Another technical Round

Once you clear the round 3 you will face next technical round they will also analyses you on every technical aspect.


Round 5: HR round

This round is just formality and they will negotiate salary with you.

.NET Interview Questions - Analec


One of my friend gone through the Analec infotech selection process for .NET. He applied for Software engineer.

There were total two rounds.


Round 1- PC Test for .NET

there first round was PC Test and they asked to make a complete program to:

1. Create a Screen  for Name and address along with state as per below

Record – dropdown list coming from database, on the selection change of this field values should refresh in other controls of the form. also this field should have a value “new”. when user click on new it should clear all other fields.

Name : text field

Address1: test field

Address 2: text field

Address 3: text field

State: Dropdownlist have to store stateid in database.

2. this form should have two buttons Add and Remove on click it should add values to database and on click of Remove it should remove the values from database.

This was one hour test and was not much tough.


Round 2: Face to face interview

they asked the following .net questions:

Question 1: Tell me some thing bout you?


Question 1:  Have you worked on WCF and WPF?

Answer:  Yes.

Question 1: What is difference between UDF and  stored procedure?

Answer:  User defined functions are used for small operation it returns only one value while stored procedure can return multiple.

UDF can be used with select statement.

Question 1: what is polymorphism?

Answer:  polymorphism are two types one is static and another is dynamic.

Question 1: what is override and overloading?

Answer: overriding means we can have two functions of same name in base and child class. while overloading is have same name functions with different signatures.

Question 1: what is Assembly?

Answer: it is kind of executable file contains all data in coded format.

Question 1: What type of assemblies are their?

Answer: private and public assemblies

Question 1: what is physical location of GAC?

Answer: c:\winnt\assembly or c:\windows\assembly






Thursday, May 27, 2010

C# - Oracle Face to Face Interview Questions Max Bupa Round 2


Here is the Max bupa round 2 interview questions. 

Question. Rate yourself in oracle and C# ?

Answer. C# –7

Oracle -6

Question.  how will you rectify the problem if grid is taking more time when data increases ?


1. use paging because binding takes more time

2. optimize database procedure bu indexing and removing loops

3. use custome paging

4. use xml or session to store temporary date for page.

Question. A class is inherited from two interfaces and a abstract class, how will you define a abc function which is common in class and interfaces?

calss xyz: I1, I2, absclass





how will you access these methods from a object


by using objectname.I1.abc()

Question. there is a table called t1, which contains

doc_name doc_stage       date
doc1      initialize     12-may-2010
doc2      initialize     13-may-2010
doc1      finalize       14-may-2010

write a query to get last stage of all the documents ?

Answer.  use group by function and sort by date in reverse order.

Question. how will you return a array as output from a procedure and receive in C#

Answer. find out.

Max Bupa Selection Process for Software Engineers

Max Bupa Round 1 Interview Questions


Max Bupa .NET - C# - Oracle Interview Questions Round 1

One of my friend gone through the max bupa technical interview for .net requirement for software engineer post.

here is some questions from the same interview.

Question. Tell me something about you ?


Question. rate your self in C# and oracle ?

Answer. C# –8 Oracle - 8

Question. Define a constant at package level in oracle

Answer.  temp constant number := 12;

Question. how will you access this?

Answer. by using the variable name.

Question. will this constant have same values for same transaction?

Answer. yes

Question. How will you implement transaction in C# ?

Answer. begin trans, end trans

Question. Suppose you have these lines of code:


oracle statement 1


oracle statement 2


oraclestatement 3

comittrans; // error

end trans


rollback trans

now in rollbacktrans which whole transaction will rollback or just last committed trans. ?

Answer.  the transaction will rollback till oracle statement 2

Question. what is cluster index, what is not cluster index ?

Answer. cluster index created on primary key while non cluster index is created on non primary key and it is logical index.

Question. how will you define the cluster index ?

Answer. create clusterindex on table(column1, column2)

Question. when you create a table with primary key a cluster index already created. so what is use of this command?

Answer. suppose while defining table there is no primary key in that case we can use this command.

Question. how to define function in oracle and call ?

Answer.  check it by your self.

Question. what is difference between function and procedure?


1. function returns one value while procedure can return multiple.

2. function can be used with select statement while procedure can not.

3. there is some operation we can not do with functions

Question. suppose a table student have following details

id marks1 marks2

write a query to display id and grade of student as follows

1. when sum of marks1 and marks2 is greater than 60 display grade A

2. when sum of marks1 and marks2 is less than 60 and greater than 40 display grade B

3. when sum of marks1 and marks2 is less than 40 display grade C


select case when marks1 + marks2 > 60 then


when marks1 + marks2 > 40 then





from student ;

Question. What are the event datagird supports and how will you access the values of cell.

Answer. Check msdn.

Question. How to change the color of rows in datagrid?

Answer. use initialise row event

Question. how define a connection and open in oracle ?

Answer. check msdn.

Question. how to use pooling

Answer define pooling=true  in connection string

Question. how do you know that connection is already open and it have to pick from pool?

Answer. system detect automatically.

Question. write how to pass the parameters in oracle procedure.


oda.SelectCommand = ocmd; 

oda.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add("my_column",   Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleDbType.Int32,15).Value=2;

Max Bupa Round 1 Interview Questions

Max Bupa Interview Questions Round 2

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Use GATE Certificate


So you got the Gate(Graduate Aptitude Test) Score card? Now what

Let me give you some details that where can you use Gate Score Card.

1. You can Use gate score card to get admission in Mtech (like IIT’s REC’s, IIIT’s) or any other college who provide Mtech Course.

2. You can use Gate Score card to apply for BARC(Bhabha Research Atomic Center) for Scientist post

3. You can apply for Integrated PHD Course with Mtech. This is dual degree (B.Tech. + M.Tech.) program offered by some colleges, specially IIT’s and IIIT’s.

4. Gate Score card is also applicable for PHD also in some institutes.

5. Some institutes give preference to Gate certificate holders for lecturers and professor post.

6. Some IT companies also give preference to Gate Certificate holder for Research and Development jobs.

7. On the basis of Gate Score card you can apply for MHRD scholarship.

8. Some government organizations give preference to for government jobs.


So just qualify the gate examination and can get all these benefits.

Best of luck.

Monday, May 24, 2010

RBS Selection Process - Technical Interview


One of my friend gone through the RBS selection process. He qualified  all the rounds and Joined the RBS Gurgaon.

Let me guide you step by step selection process of RBS. Please note that this process can differ at different centers and also for different positions.

These rounds were taken for the Software Developer/Designer and the technology was C# and SQL Server.

Round 1: RBS Online Test Round

This first round of RBS Selection process and you need to give this round at any nearby reliance  center or RBS Center.

This will be around 2 hour test of C# and SQL Server. Total number of questions will be around 56. These questions will contains multiple choice questions and maximum 3 options can be true.

This is IKM test and every question have different marks.


Round 2: RBS Telephonic Interview Round

This is second round of RBS Selection process and In this interview they can ask basic questions of C# and SQL server like:

What is satellite assembly
how will you create strong name
They can give any problem and ask for solution in C#

Round 3: RBS Written test

This round can have some problems and you need to write a algorithms/Diagram codes / C# codes for these problems.

Round 4: RBS Technical Interview

This round is pure technical round and they can ask design patterns , implementations , real time problems solving of C# and SQL Server like

design a chess program using design pattern

Same kind of multiple rounds can be there until they are not satisfied with you.

So get ready for a challenging interview and clear your concepts.

Best of luck.

Friday, May 21, 2010

C# Written Test Questions 2010


One of my friend gone through the written test of a small company in Gurgaon. I decided to post some of questions from the test, so that the fresher's as well as experience holder get benefits. These are common questions and one need to know when going for interview.

This written test was for senior software engineer purely contains .net and C# questions.

Question 1: What is OOPs?
Answer: Object oriented programming like C#.

Question 2: What is XPath?
Answer: XPath is used to navigate through the elements and attributed in XML document.

Question 3: What is Strong type and Week type?
Answer: week type language support the any type variable declaration like java script supports var (no specific data type). Strong type language do not support var like C#.

Question 4: What is polymorphism?
Answer: Polymorphism means different forms, two types of polymorphism

1. runtime polymorphism

2. static polymorphism

Question 5: Difference between interface and abstract class?
Answer: Interface can have only function prototype and all functions should be implemented in inherited class. while abstract class can have function implementation.

Question 6: What is WCF, WPF, WWF? 
Answer: WCF: windows communication foundation

WPF: Windows presentation foundation

WWF: Windows workflow foundation

Question 7: What is Address, Contract and binding?
Answer: Address: An address that indicates where the endpoint can be found.

Contract: A contract that identifies the operations available.

Binding: A binding that specifies how a client can communicate with the endpoint.

Question 8: What is root class of .NET?
Answer: System.Object

Question 9: What is multicast delegate?
Answer: Multicast delegate is a delegate which allow to execute more than one method in single event.

Question 10: Can web services supports method overloading Explain with and example?
Answer: Yes, its same as simple method overloading just add a [web method] before the methods.

Question 11: What is difference between web services and WCF?
Answer: WCF = Web services + .NET Remoting

Question 12: Difference between View State and Session state?
Answer: View State is a client side storage management and store data while page postback. Session state is server side management and keep user specific data for session.

Question 13: What is machine.config?
Answer:  machine.config file apply settings to all applications running on the same machine.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bulb and 3 Switches Puzzle –Interview Questions


Puzzle: there is one bulb inside the room and out the room these is 3 switches, you can go once out the room and on the any button and come in. After doing this process you have to tell which switch is the correct button for  bulb?

Bulb puzzle


Answer of puzzle: 

suppose there is three buttons

button 1, button 2, and button 3.

Go out on the button 1 for 2-3 minutes. off the button 1 and on button 2 come in to the room.

Now of bulb is on it means button 2 is right switch because you on the button 1 for 2-3 minutes and that's why it hot.

otherwise check the bulb if its hot button 1 is right switch.

otherwise button 3 is right switch.

Genpact, Gurgaon Interview Questions – Round 1 – Telephonic Interview


My Friend Vimal gone through the interview process of Genpact, Gurgaon for .NET Requirement for the post of Senior software engineer.

Its was very short interview and they were just analysis that person is involved in development or not.

The first round was telephonic and he has asked the following questions.

Question 1: Tell me about your current project?

Question 2: What is your roll and designation in your project?

Question 3: What software development life cycle you follow for your project?

Question 4: What is you project architectures?

Question 5: What design pattern you follow?

Questions 6: What types of design patterns are there, List some of them?

Question 7: Why are you looking for a change?

Question 8: Why you want to join the Genpact?

These are the some questions, my friend answered and he qualified for next face to face round.

I will discuss Genpact F2F round in my next post.

HCL Technologies Written Test for JAVA 2010


One of my friend gone through the HCL Technologies, Noida written test for JAVA Technology. He remembered some of the questions from test and i am posting here to help the job seekers.

If any one else gone though the test and want to add some more questions, Please add through comments.

My friend forgot some of questions , so i just given a hint.


Question: what will be the output of the following program?

int i;
system.out.println("value is: " + (i+x));

a. i is not initialized

b. if statement is false

c. both a and b is true

d. none  of these

Ans. Find out.

Question 2:

int i = 1;

system.out.println("value is: " + i+2 + “3”);


Answer: 33

Question 3: What is difference between assignment and initialization?

Answer: in assignment we assign the value to initialize variable while in  initialization we allocate the memory.

Question 4: What is difference between argument and parameters?

Answer:  parameters are in calling function and arguments are in called function.


Question 5: What is use of finally keyword in exception handling?

Answer: finally block will always execute.


Question 6: what is use of garbage collector?

Answer: to release the memory after execution.


Question 7: A code was given and options were:

a. run time error.

b. compile time error

c. both a and b

d. none of these


Question 8: What is interface?

Answer: contains the prototype of functions.


Question 9: One ques on abstract class , can abstract class be the sub class of any concrete class?

Answer: find out.


Question 10: Difference between abstract class and interface?

Answer: interface only contains the prototype of function and abstract class can have abstract methods and full methods.


Question 11: difference between string and array?

Answer: string is internally char array while array an have int , float char etc.


Question 12: A question on thread?

Question 13: A question on synchronization?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MaxBupa Health Insurance IT Selection Process in India


Max Bupa Health Insurance is a joint venture of Max hospital and Insurance company Bupa. MaxBupa have a IT division of 40 employees and planning to extend to 100+ employees.  

One of my friend gone through the selection process of Maxbupa, Let me share details with you.

Interview round 1: Technical Round

The first round is pure technical round and the interviewer will ask questions from C# and SQL. Maxbupa is maintaining and developing their own product so interview is more incline towards the SQL.


Interview Round 2: Product Manager Round

This round involve the project level details like design of SQL. So ready for design patterns and other models of your current project.


Interview Round 3: HR Round

This is last and formal round and they will negotiate salary with you.


Congrats you have done it.


Official MaxBupa site is: www.maxbupa.com

BrickRed Technologies Interview Process


One of my friend gone through the BrickRed technologies, Noida selection process, So i decided to write a post to help the candidates.

BrickRed is multinational company basically target in services. Located in multiple companies.

BrickRed conduct 4 rounds to select a candidate.

Round 1: Online Test Round

This is toughest round of selection process where you need to answer 30 analytical questions in 30 minutes and 30 technical questions in 30 minutes. the URL of tests are:

 Analytical Ability- Test- Duration 30 Minutes

URL- www.merittrac.com/onlinetest5.0

Technical Ability Test- Duration 30 Minutes

URL- http://certification.icalibrator.com

The technical test can contain the

a.         Asynchronous processing, multithreading, GC

b.         Database - joins, stored procedures, indexes, locking

c.          Database optimization and profiling

d.         Debugging and performance profiling

e.         Exception handling and logging

f.          .NET concepts ( delegate, value types, generics)


Round 2: Pure Technical Round

BrickRed round 2 is pure technical round and you will be asked questions from every area, you worked on, also it depends on the project also.


Round 3: Engineering Manager Round

This is engineering manager round conducted by project manager, he will ask about project level details can give some task to design also.


Round 4: HR and Negotiation round

This round is formality and just for salary negotiation purpose. Once this round done you will be offered a decent package.


Enjoy the new job, Congrats.


BrickRed Official site: www.brickred.com

Friday, May 14, 2010

Orange Business Interview Questions - .NET


Last week one of my friend gone through interview process of orange business Gurgaon. I am posting some interview questions to help you guys.

Oracle business is a multinational company dealing with telecom and communication sectors. They just open a new center in Gurgaon.

There were two rounds one technical round and another is HR.

Basically this interview was for crystal report developer with .net and oracle.

In case of any questions, Please commend here.


Crystal report questions:

Q. What is crystal reports?
A. It is a third party tool used with .net to create a complex reports.

Q. What version of crystal report are you using?
A. Crystal report 11

Q. What is subreports?
A. We can add reports inside main report that is sub report.

Q. How to pass parameters in subreport?
A. Find out

Q. How to do calculations in Crystal reports.
A. using formula fields

Q. Can we calculate total and subtotals in crystal reports, how?
A. Yes, by using formula fields for total and subtotals.


Oracle Interview Questions:

Q. What are joins?
A. To get corresponding data from two table we use join.

Q. can we run windows application from oracle, how?
A. Yes, Find out.

Q. How to improve performance of oracle procedure?
A. Reducing loops, global tables , minimize the inserts and updates.

Q. Difference between function and procedures?
A. function can return one value only and procure can return multiples using cursors.


C# Interview Questions:

Q. How to avoid deadlock in multithreaded environment?
A. using lock and monitor

Q. How to improve performance of grid?
A. using paging and JavaScript operations, bind only once because bind takes much time.

Q. suppose accessing a procedure though a error, at what what layer you will handle this exception.
A. Data access layer


To know more about Orange business, Please visit the site:

Oracle Business Official Site

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

B1 Visa Interview Questions | USA Visa Questions


B1 visa interview is a short session and just they want to verify that are you coming back to your country after completing the project or not. It more depend on your details and keep ready all your proofs and answers ready.

here is some questions from B1 visa interview.

Ques: Why you want to go to USA?
Ans: Describe your project and client name and tell them why you need to go there.

Ques: What is your Designation?
Ans: specify your designation

Ques: What is your salary?
Ans: Specify annual package. Keep ready your offer letter and salary slip.

Ques: How long are you working with this company?
Ans: Specify total number of years spend in current company.

Ques: What is your total experience?
Ans: Specify your total experience.

Ques: What is your bank balance?
Ans: They ask this question because they want to know that how will you service in case of emergency. Keep ready bank statement for proof.

Ques: Where you going to stay?
Ans: Before facing the interview, just remember address and all other details.

Ques: Tell me about you current company?
Ans: They want to verify the genuine of current company.

Ques: Please tell me something about your project?
Ans: Want to verify about your knowledge for current project.

Ques: How long you going to stay in USA?
Ans: Tell them exact duration what you have filled in form as well as keep ready the offer letter for proof.

Ques: Are you marriage?
Ans: This questions they are asking that you will come back after completion of project or not. give them proper reason that why you will come back to your country.

Ques: Are you going to stay in USA?
Ans: No

Ques: What is your role there at B1 visa?
Ans: Knowledge transfer, understanding the business, attending meetings.

Ques: How will you survive there in USA?
Ans: tell them that you are going to get stipend there.

Ques: Is your any relative there in USA?
Ans: Answer as per your status.

All the best :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What is Binary Search and How to implement in C


Binary search is search mythology in a sorted list. In this process first find the middle element of list and if it is equal to the middle element its done. other wise if number is greater than the middle number search in next half otherwise search in first half with same pattern(Find the middle  element and compare).

Here is Binary search implementation in C.


#include <stdio.h>

int binary_search(int array[], int value, int size)
    int found = 0;
    int high = size, low = 0, mid;

    mid = (high + low) / 2;

    printf("\n\nLooking for %d\n", value);

    while ((! found) && (high >= low))
        printf("Low %d Mid %d High %d\n", low, mid, high);

        if (value == array[mid])
            found = 1;
        else if (value < array[mid])
            high = mid - 1;
            low = mid + 1;

        mid = (high + low) / 2;
    return((found) ? mid: -1);

void main(void)
    int array[100], i;

    for (i = 0; i < 100; i++)
        array[i] = i+20;

    printf("Result of search %d\n", binary_search(array, 44, 100));
    printf("Result of search %d\n", binary_search(array, 77, 100));

What is Difference between Overloading and Overriding


Overloading and Overriding both are example of polymorphism. Overriding is dynamic polymorphism while overloading is static polymorphism.

Overriding: Overriding is a changing of behavior of a class in drive class using dynamic polymorphism. for example in C# you have a class A  and another class B drive from A.  Class A have a virtual method abc and in class B using override you given new functionality to this method.

Overloading: Overloading is a mechanism by which we can have two different methods using same name.

Overloading can be implemented using Different parameter data types, different number of parameters, different order of parameters.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

RBS .NET - C# Interview Questions 2010


Q. What is difference between string and stringbuilder?
A. string is for simple string operations while stringbuilder is used to perform high manipulation string operation, in this case it is more efficient.

Q. Now suppose i want to add a functionality to append a string in existing string using string builder, How will you modify/update stringbuilder class?
A. Find it out.

Q.suppose you are running a single program, how many instance of Garbage collector and CLR will run?
A. one.

Q. Suppose i am running multiple  programs how many instance of Garbage collector and CLR will run?
A. multiple instances of CLR and Garbage collector will run.

Q. Write a program to check factorial number?
A. Created

Q.is it possible to run factorial checker program in multithreaded environment, is there any benefit of doing factorial checking in multithreaded environment, how will you implement factorial number checking program in multithreaded environment?

A. We need to add multithreaded capability in factorial program if there is a need to calculate factorial for very large number.

in case of very large number the calculations will be very much and it will maximize the use of processor and program will be un-responding while in multithreaded environment calculations will run in separate thread and user can perform other actions.

you can check more details at:

Q. What is static polymorphism?
A. Overloading is static polymorphism while dynamic polymorphism is overriding.

Q. They given me a C# program and asking for output?

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