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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pitney Bowes (MapInfo) interview process, Noida


One of my friend gone through the interview process and here is experience of his interview process.

Post: SSE

Technology: .NET

Experience: 5+ years

Location: Noida

Round 1 – Pure Technical – Tuff Round:

This is the toughest round and you will get lot of basic questions with different angles and includes inheritance, delegates, ref, out parameters sql , oops concepts.

example: what is difference between ref obj and obj passing in function.

Round 2 – Technical Round

This is also pure technical round and you will get lot of technical questions from your area.

Example: write a program to merge and sort two arrays.

Round 3: HR Interview

This involve basic hr questions and salary negotiation.

example: why you want to leave current company?


  1. are these iv's happening on same day..or you get a HR call for HR round after some days of Technical iv's ...

    1. I have also given the inteview recently....waiting to know whether HR round help seperately

  2. I also underwent the same process and still waiting for the HR round... Was told that the HR would contact over phone... I'm just hoping that it wasn't just a casual 'we will get back to you' response suggesting a polite rejection :P


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