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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Global Logic interview process - Experience


One of my friend gone through the interview process of global logic in noida. Here is summary of interview held in global logic.

Global logic is good company to work for and provide number of facilities along with flexible timing. Once you complete your work can go home without any problem.

Quality of work is very good, basically global logic work for product companies.

The below rounds are for 5+ years experience and can vary as per experience.

Round 1: Basic technical interview:

This is first round of technical interview and they will check you basic technical knowledge in different Areas.

for example : what is normalization?

Round 2: Advance Technical round:

This is somewhat tuff round and they will ask somewhat uncommon questions.

for example : what is friend assembly?

Round 3: Managerial Round:

This round can contain pure HR questions or pure technical questions or mix of both, so be ready for this round.

example : what is result of string str = “my name” + null;

Round 4: Director Round:

This round is there to give you a brief about your roles and responsibilities and project details.

After this there can be a normal client interview and then you will get a offer.


  1. Hi, My CV is also in process and i m waiting for the client round.

    Could u please tell me what happens in client round?

  2. the client will have a good discussion on problems. in my case it was a design problem:

    There is a traffic light system, roads and cars take a simple example of two roads crossing each other. Design a system.

    and some other general questions


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