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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clickable Technical Interview Questions

Clickable Technical Interview Questions

One of my colleague gone though the clickable interview process. He gone through two rounds of telephonic technical discussion. Clickable is PPC solution company and provide tools to easily manage PPC campaign.

Clickable First Round of Technical Discussion:

1. What is difference between finally and finalize?

2. What is garbage collector and how it works?

3. How to do in order traversal in binary tree. How to find a given cost while tree traversal , the cost will be measure on root to leaf node?

4. There is 100 coins in table you have 20 t and 80 heads. divide in two groups so that number of tells should be same?

Clickable Second Round of Technical Discussion:

1.What is architecture of you project?

2. What design patterns you used in you project tell me facade and singleton , factory use in your project  ?

3. You have a string you need to replace a given char 'a' with the h x occurrence. Write a logic. When you will use string builder what is difference?

for example for first ‘a’ replace with h

second a replace with hh

third a replace with hhh

4. You have an array find out the sequence to find the maximum running sum.

like -1,2,4,1,-3,2,-4,4 have 7 max sum for (2,4,1)

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