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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Experience with RMSI Noida Technical Interview Process

My Experience with RMSI Noida Technical Interview Process

RMSI Requirement: 4-6 years
Position: Sr. Software Engineer
Location: Noida
Technology:  ASP.net,WPF,WCF professionals

I have gone through the RMSI interview process for .NET requirement. This requirement was for SSE and for Noida location. I have gone through the 3 rounds of interview and it was good experience.

1. Telephonic Technical Discussion:
This was first round and done on phone. basically they asked about my qualification work experience and then for a brief technical discussion. The technical discussion involve regarding design patterns, WCF and web services.

2. Face 2 Face .Net Technical Round:
This round held in RMSI noida office and they asked questions regarding  WCF, XML, SOAP, Web Services etc. This round was totally based on C#, ASP.NET and had a long discussion on problem solving and design patterns. Clear you OOPS concepts for this round.

3. Managerial/HR Round:
This was managerial cum HR round. Project manager told me about requirement and position and work culture then we went for salary negation.

RMSI deals in geospatial and information technology, so if you like to work on satellite images, GIS etc, its good company for you.


Official Website: http://www.rmsi.com

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