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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bechtel India Interview Questions and Interview Process for .NET

Required Position: SSEBechtel India

Required Technology: .NET, SQL, Windows Forms, OOPS


Bechtel is one of the top construction company and also located in gurgaon. One of my friend gone through the interview process of Bechtel India. He has gone through the following rounds of Bechtel.

1. Telephonic Discussion: The first round was telephonic discussion. The interviewer was matching the requirement with the candidate knowledge and experience.  The interviewer asked basic .NET questions, which includes questions from .NET architecture, web services, OOPS and SQL.

Sample Questions: Can we have two static constructor in a  class, Write a query to find duplicate records in a table. etc.

2. Personal Technical Discussion: This round held in Bechtel India office and they took 1.5 hours of interview. The interview was pure technical round and they asked questions from .NET, ASP.NET, C#, SQL, Web Services etc.

Example: How to call user control page event from parent page and vice versa.

3. Managerial Round: This was pure managerial round. The manager was trying to understand your understanding about company rolls and responsibilities. Then told about company , work process, growth plans etc.

4. Technology Head Round: This round was with the Bechtel technology head of gurgaon office and he asked few question like why you looking for change , what is your expectation etc.


Bechtel is construction company, they have internal websites and software products to help their construction business.  Company maintain ethical relationship and provide a good growth path. Bechtel have 8.5 hours of working and if you work any extra hours, will get paid.

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