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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ciena India .NET interview Questions


Ciena India .NET interview Questions

Here is few questions from Ciena India interview process for .NET requirement. This interview was conducted for 5+ years of requirement.

Telephonic Interview Questions:

  • Tell me something about you education background, work experience and technology used?
  • For what projects you used for wcf?
  • What features you used in 2.0?
  • What features you used in wcf?
  • What is your roles and responsibilities?
  • You do low level design or high level design, how to do low level design?
  • What is difference between product and project life cycle?
  • How many project you have done?
  • What is your responsibilities as a lead and what role you looking for?
  • Are you ready with some kind of support role?

Telephonic Technical Interview Questions:

This round was pure technical round and they asked questions like:

1. What is Web service? How to create it. What are the limitations of web services.

2. How to overload a web service method?

3. Can we have static and simple constructor in same class? Which one is first called?

Face 2 Face Technical Interview Questions:

1. What are advantages of string over string builder?

2. Why we use finalize and dispose?

3. What if we make a same interface as idisposable and use dispose method?

4. how string builder work internally?

5. How many Types of lock in threading?

6. What are mutex objects ?

7. What are multicast delegates?

8. What is difference between value type and ref type

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