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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Samsung India Technical Interview Procedure

Samsung India Technical Interview Procedure


Samsung Requirement: 3+ years
Position: Sr. Software Engineer/Project Lead
Location: Noida
Technology:  ASP.net, SQL Server, Web Services

One of my friend gone through the Samsung Noida Interview process. This requirement was for .NET technology and for their internal web application development. Samsung have their online application team which provide enhancement and new development. Samsung have good infrastructure in noida office and provide flat 25% discount on Samsung product to their employees. Also Samsung offers sort term visits to Korea and other countries. My friend gone through the following rounds.

1. One to One Technical Interview:
This was the pure technical round and held in Samsung noida office. They asked about web services, C#, OOPS concepts, design patterns, ASP.NET functioning.

There was some design problems also like design a system where every country database is present separate country also there is different websites for different countries. you have to design a system which can communicate to each other and use the data. Also how will you manage session in this distributed environment.

2. HR Round:
The HR person will tell you the requirement an offered position, job responsibilities etc. Salary negotiation will come in to picture.

As per my understanding Samsung is good pay master, so you can give a try.

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