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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sapient Technical Interview Process


One of my find gone through the interview process of Sapient Noida. The interview process involve the following rounds:

Round 1: Online Technical Test

The first round involve the online technical objective type test from merittrac site. Once you reach in sapient office, you will receive a merittrac.com website online test for corresponding subject.



Round 2: Design Pattern and multithreading Problem

Once you will clear the online technical test, you will get a design problem need to solve using design pattern and/or multithreading.

for example you may offer to fill a windows form control using multithreading or reading and updating data into database using multithreading.


Round 3: Pure Technical Round

This is third round and a senior person will ask number of questions from every part of .net/Java.





Round 4: Managerial Round

Managerial round is 4th round and can be bypassed. This is technical as well as personal round. can be project oriented questions.


Round 5: Non Technical Round

This round contains the non technical questions, like

what is you position in team?

why you want to leave current company?

How will you avoid dispute in team?

What qualities you looking in your team manager?


Once you will complete all these round the HR will offer you a decent package.


  1. Thank for sharing bro... i was looking for such guidence. It's very helpful to me soon i have to face this process and i'll share my experince here too..

  2. Thanks for providing such a guiding information


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