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Sunday, June 27, 2010

InfoGain Selection Process | Interview Process


One of my friend gone through the interview process of Infogain Noida. this interview process was for .net software engineer.

Round 1: Telephonic Technical Interview

This interview was totally technical and based on basic questions. this interview contains the questions from C#, OOPS, JavaScript, SQL

Round 2: Face to Face Technical Interview

This interview was conducted at Infogain noida office by one senior person. They asked questions from almost every area of .net. along with this they check your communication skill also.

Round 3: Managerial round - Telephonic

This was a telephonic round and took by project manager. he asked some technical questions from OOPS, C#, and database along with some project management questions like

how will you manage team?

how to deal with client?

how to solve dispute in team?

how to deal with fresher's?

the project manager can also ask some algorithms and or puzzles like

selection sort, insertion sort , binary search


Round 4: Client Interview – Telephonic round

this was simple round and client just wanted to verify that the candidate have enough knowledge or not . The questions were from C# and OOPs.


So all the best for interview.


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