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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SemanticSpace Telephonic Interview Questions - .NET


Telephonic interviews are sometimes hard to face. but most of the telephonic interviews are easy and this is just verification process that the person is right candidate for the job or not.

My friend gone through a telephonic round of SemanticSpace for software engineer position for .NET.

Question. They started with project, Tell me something about your current project?

Answer. describe your project.

Question. what is OOPs?

Answer. Object oriented programming, represent every thing in a object.

Question. What is polymorphism? what are different types of polymorphism is there?

Answer. polymorphism means different forms, there are two kind of polymorphism

1. static polymorphism (overloading)

2. dynamic polymorphism (overriding)

Question. What is difference between overloading and overriding?

Answer. having same name methods with different parameters is called overloading, while having same name and parameter functions in base and drive class called overriding.

Question. what is static class and what is use of this?

Answer. Static class we define when we do not want to create a object of class, all methods of static class should be static. static class methods and data are specific to class only and not associated to objects.

Question. Can we have a variables inside the interface?

Answer. no, we can have only methods, properties, indexers and enums inside the interface.

Question. Have you used AJAX?

Answer. I have used AJAX using microsoft ajax toolkit.

Question. What is your role in PL/SQL?

Answer. I used to design and write functions, triggers, procedures and packages.

Question. Have you used Queue in Oracle?

Answer. No

Question. What design patterns you used?

Answer. Facade, Prototype, Singleton. proxy , bridge

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