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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Polaris Interview Questions - .NET - Telephonic


One of my friend gone through the Polaris telephonic round for .net for software engineer requirement.

Here is some questions from the same telephonic round.

Question 1. What is assembly?

Answer. Assembly is encoded library of .net applications it contains the all source code references and other resources.

Question 2. What is GAC?

Answer. Global assembly cache, is a special area where we generally keep our global assemblies.

Question 3. what is difference between remoting and webservices?

Answer. remoting is used to communication between applications running on same .net platform while webservice is used to communicate between the applications running on

Question 4. how will you implement security in webservices?

Answer. using SOAP

Question 5. how will you authenticate web service?

Answer. Find it out.

Question 6. what is singleton?

Answer. singleton is a design pattern used to design a software. This design pattern allows you to create only one object of a class.

Question 7. How will you implement remoting in C#?

Answer. Read books.

Question 8. What is SAO and CAO?

Answer. Server activate object and client activated object

Question 9. What is marshaling?

Answer. marshaling is used in remoting to transfer data between application.

Question 10. what is WCF and what is difference between WCF and web services?

Answer. WCF is windows communication foundation same as webservices. actually WCF =webservices + remoting

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