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Saturday, January 29, 2011

.NET and Silverlight - Polaris Technical interview questions


Hi All,

One of my friend gone through two rounds of Polaris interview first round was simple objective test and 15 questions from C#, .NET and ASP.NET and 5 questions from SQL.

Second round was personal technical interview. Here is some questions:

Ques: What is Abstract Classes?
Ques:What is interfaces?
Ques:What is difference between abstract classes and interfaces?
Ques:Give an example where do you use interfaces and abstract classes?
Ques:What is Silverlight?
Ques:How will you define an object in silverlight?
Ques:What is ria services?
Ques:What is data contract?
Ques:What is WCF?
Ques:What is latest version of silverlight?
Ques:What is left outer join?
Ques:Write a query to return non intersect area from two tables ?

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