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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nagarro interview questions .net - C# - Design problems


First Round:
You will get three design problem in this round and either you do first two problems or do do third problem.

Design Problem 1: FTP Client Design

You have to design a FTP client which have the following features:
1. User should be able to login into FTP Server using user name and password along with other details.
2. User should be able to download the files.
3. User should be able to upload the files.
4. User should be able to see default directory when open first time and also list all files for a directory.

Design this system in term of system architecture, Class diagrams and functionality.

Design Problem 2: Task Scheduler Design
You need to design a task schedule as like windows task scheduler, which have the following properties.
1. User should be able to schedule multiple task at same time.
2. User should be able to schedule task like: run task at 5.00 pm or run task at 5.00 pm with interval of 4 hours etc.
3. There should be proper error handling log mountainous in fail our of any task and should not effect the other task running.

Design this system in term of Class diagram, Database design and functionality.

Design Problem 3: Quality Test Engine
Design a internal quality test engine tool to manage internal testing process
1. You can create multiple processes, new process, update those process
2. There should be multiple level of users and should be able to manage different type of data.
3. Admin or super user should be able to assign the roles to each user group.

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  1. They gave the same question set to me as well.


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