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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fidelity Information Services (FIS) Interview Questions for C# - Web Developer

I have gone through the Fidelity Information Services (FIS)  interview last week and here is few questions i remember.

  1. What is oops?
  2. what is object?
  3. what is class?
  4. what is data grid?
  5. difference between overloading and overriding?
  6. Difference between load(int a) and load(uint a)
  7. is above are overloaded? and will it give run time error.
  8. int load() and string load() is overloaded?
    A. no
  9. how to call a client side JavaScript method from a asp button and then server side method on user response?
  10. how Ajax works?
  11. suppose we want to render only a part of page every time?
  12. how to implement paging?
  13. what is sql cache dependency?
  14. polymorphism?
  15. base class and child class execution?
  16. response.redirect and server.transfer?
  17. server.transfer and server.execute
  18. abstract class and interface?
  19. difference between datagrid and grid view?
  20. what is event bubbling?
  21. index, types of indexes?
  22. how to optimize query?
  23. udf and procedure?
  24. types of triggers?
  25. what is benefits of packages?
  26. what is page in SQL?
  27. how to handle exception in oracle?
  28. full form of AJAX ? what is XML in this?
  29. what are endpoints?
  30. what is address and binding and  contracts?
  31. serialization?
  32. session management techniques?
  33. in state server do we use serialization?
  34. what is late binding?
  35. what is parent class of all WebPages?

1 comment:

  1. i hav an interview in fidelity openings for dot net....can u say me de interview procedures in fidelity information services for freshers


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