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Saturday, July 10, 2010

SIEMENS Interview Questions and WRITTEN TEST 2010 | Java


These questions are asked during the siemens walk-in held in Gurgaon. Here is some questions and their pattern asked in the interview and written test.

No Negative Marking

1- 20 Questions of Reasoning : The time to complete is 25 minutes Most of the Questions are from Series,Relation,Distance.

2- Java Questions : It incorporates three blocks

(a)- 20 java Questions(Compulsory).

(b)- 10 questions from Swing(It is Optional) .

(c)- 5 questions from fundamentals(compulsory).

This block have to complete within 30 minutes.

Java Questions:-The java Questions based on the concept of classes,Interface,Exception Object States,Threads concepts. Example:

1- How can we save object States?

ans:by Serialization.

2-program on class inheritance: what is the output of this program.

3- program on Interface.

Swing Question:- There are 10 swing questions which are optional.

Fundamental Question:- 5 Questions:

1- which layer of OSI is responsible for transportation of data on the network?

2- operating System Question.

3 and 4:- the questions are from DBMS.

5:- In which data structure we can add data from the beginning and at end not from middle?.

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