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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

C# Interview Questions 2010


Ques: Write a Program to find a given number is prime or not? Now optimize this program?

Ans: Start with 2 and divide the given number till n-1 if it is not divisible then it is a prime number.

To optimize this program you can check divisibility from 2 to n/2.

Ques: What are design patterns and what is the use of Design patterns?
Ans: To ease the software development process.

Ques: What is difference between Count(*), Count(1) and count(column_name)?
Ans: no difference between count(*) and count(1). While count(column_name) does not calculate null value fields.

Ques: what is difference between string and string builder?
Ans: string builder provide low overhead manipulation operations with a given string.

Ques: What is Difference between truncate, Delete and drop?
Ans: Drop Delete the table structure while truncate remove all rows from table without rollback facility. Delete remove rows from table with rollback features.

Ques: What are Delegates and events?

Ques: Explain Webpage Life Cycle?
Pre Init, Init, Pre Load, Load, Pre render, render, unload etc.

Ques: With Master page what will be sequence of event execution?
Ans. Master Page events executes first.

Ques: What is use of try.parse(string)?
Ans. Try.parse use to convert given data type to another one without exception.

Ques: Design a architecture for Chess Program?

Ques: What is HTTP GET and POST?
Ans: use get to receive information and post to send info in a webpage.

Ques: What is Difference between hash table and Dictionary?
Ans: Dictionary internally uses hash table.

Ques: What is Callback in c#?
Ans: Events and Delegates.

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